Masterclass Series

Professional development classes focused on the invisible learning disabilities of dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

Masterclasses are designed to enhance your knowledge of dysgraphia and provide you with strategies that you can take back to the classroom or clinic the next day.

Join teachers and occupational therapists from around the world to improve your classroom management.

Parents are also encouraged to attend.  Your students need you to understand these strategies too!

Cheri Dotterer


Cheri has first-hand experience both as a student with dysgraphia and as an occupational therapist who’s helped thousands of students overcome this invisible, traumatic, learning disability.  Learn more


Types of Dysgraphia

Dysgraphia has been misrepresented alongside dyslexia for many years. The misrepresentation has happened because there was a lack of differentiation between the two. 

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Involves the sensory input a person receives from their environment.


Creates an interference between oral and written expression.

Sentence Formation

Difficulties in punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and run-on words.


Reflects a delay in motor control, accuracy, precision, and speed of handwriting.

Word Formation

The inability to link the patterns of letters to create words. Causes spelling problems.

Paragraph Formation

Difficulties in understanding language to form proper paragraphs.

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