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Dysgraphia Expert

We help teachers, therapists, and parents build

clarity, community, and competency

around the barriers to writing success.

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Meet Cheri

Cheri is an international speaker, author, and consultant who trains adults to shift their mindsets about struggling writers to strengthen the social-emotional well-being of people with dysgraphia so they can fully engage in life activities and unleash their potential to change their future and other generations through the written word. One-third (33%) of the population has difficulty writing. Many can read yet have difficulty writing. Dysgraphia, a disability in written expression, encompasses all forms of writing, from those who are learning to adults having trouble at work for ineffective communication skills. Her book, Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect, has remained in the Top 100 on Amazon since publication in Handwriting Reference and Learning Disabilities. It was also a Top 10 Finalist in the Author Academy Awards in 2019. In addition, she was nominated the USA 2022 Dysgraphia Expert of the Year by Global Health and Pharma Magazine. She has worked in many concentration areas as an occupational therapist for 25 years. However, it wasn’t until starting her private practice that she found her passion for helping others understand this disability. She has been an adjunct instructor at Penn State, Alvernia, and Misericordia Universities and has guest lectured at several other colleges. She lives with her husband of 32 years. They have two adult children. Both children and Cheri suffer from mild dysgraphia. She believes that understanding dysgraphia is essential to life success.

Cheri is a…

… Speaker


Keynote presentations are designed to provide an overview of dysgraphia and discuss interventions to support it.


These all day events contain the definition, evaluation, intervention, and outcome measures to support dysgraphia.

Breakout Session

The sessions introduce targeted daily interventions to benefit all students.

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… Author

Ranked in Amazon’s top 100 for Handwriting Reference and Learning Disability.

Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect helps child development professionals better understand their students who struggle with handwriting.

This groundbreaking book helps them understand how many students suffer every day because they struggle with handwriting.

From Response to Intervention to the Individualized Education Program, this book provides strategies readers can use at a moment’s notice.

Your book is one of the most used resources in my school based practice.


Occupational Therapist

… Podcast Host

Dysgraphia, a disability in written expression, results from a neurological glitch that blocks your student’s path to success, creating a disconnect between the brain and the body. Working in a classroom where students struggle to keep up with the teacher because they cannot recall what letter to write or the words to write is frustrating to both the teacher and the student. They get stuck three sentences behind the teacher and struggle to copy material from the board. It just breaks my heart to see kids struggling in the classroom.

Change their world forever!

Yours too!

  • Activities are Scepter (pencil) free
  • Legibility and speed improve
  • Easy Progress Monitoring
  • Implement in 2-minutes per day

And it is Kid Approved!

Stop Writing Challenges before they interfere with education

… Course Creator

5-Day Challenges

How different would your classroom look if you could implement interventions every day to effectively prepare kids before they fail?

We believe that children deserve a community of educators to support them as they grow into the leaders they were destined to become.

Collaboration between teachers and therapists is essential to unleashing that leadership.

We offer a Challenge for writing and another for math.

These Challenges are meant for teachers, therapists, and parents.


All masterclasses have something to do with dysgraphia.

You will never find a class on physical rehab or academics that doesn’t have a direct impact on writing skills.


Discover this 11-week self-study course.

Dotterer Dysgraphia Toolkit

This course takes you on a journey through

  • Stages of Reading
  • Stages of Writing
  • Definition of Dysgraphia
  • How the brain and the sensory-motor system impact writing
  • Impacts of memory and vision on writing
  • Encode interventions for writing challenges following the Interventions of Dysgraphia:
  • Biomechanical
  • Language
  • Cognitive


Dotterer Dysgraphia Method

  • The Method is an extension of the Toolkit
    • You will need the material from there to complete this nine-week case study on one of your students
    • Each Module contains discussion questions

Dysgraphia Mastermind

  • We meet monthly throughout the school year (9 sessions)
  • By the time your year is completed, you will have 180 interventions, or the number you need to complete a school year, that you can use to thwart dysgraphia before it becomes a challenge
  • They become part of your lesson plan
  • Each intervention requires two minutes of your day to complete
  • Kids are transforming their understanding of writing right before your eyes


Many people are concerned about what interventions they can use to support students with dysgraphia. Using research, both evidence-based and action, we have designed a 15-day cycle to support all students, regardless of disability. This introduction course provides an overview to those interventions.


  • Complete your Case Study
  • Present your Case Study
  • Completed 180 interventions for dysgraphia
  • Comment and like on posts that were not your own
  • Create posts weekly to spark engagement with other

If I need help, Cheri is always accessible. That is what makes her unique and appreciated.


OT, Seasoned Therapist

I found that your course made it easier to explain dysgraphia to others.


OT, Sensory Processing Specialist

I use it in my instruction as an adjunct professor.


OT, Private Practice Therapist

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