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Writing skills start before you pick up a pencil.

Stop dysgraphia before it begins using the IMPACT Success Blueprint.

Dysgraphia is a disability in written expression.

Written expression includes grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, sentence structure and syntax, and paragraph organization and clarity.

The result of poor writing skills is illegibility and a speed that does not meet those of one’s peers.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, writing scores have improved since 1998.
154/300 4th-grade students write proficiently.
Students with disabilities scored 122/300 proficiently. See the National Report Card.

Writing starts with neurological development.

Sensory-motor-memory interventions need to be strategically placed throughout a student’s day. They must occur daily to make an IMPACT that LEADs students to succeed in their future college and career.

Too often, intervention ideas are recommended that include ingredients for change yet need more details of why and how they work. It’s like giving a teacher a bunch of ingredients and saying, “Go for it. Make what I made,” and not including the step-by-step process to duplicate one’s success.

It takes repeated experiences to look at the ingredients and come up with the cake your mom used to make. Without guided experiences, even the best teachers and therapists display different intervention results.

The IMPACT Success Blueprint digs to the core of achievement, so success is prevalent across your classrooms. This checklist uses the superpowers of the teacher in collaboration with the superpowers of your related service providers to form inclusive classrooms like you’ve never seen them before.

What is the IMPACT Success Blueprint? A checklist to support the whole student’s strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses. The Formula is based on neuroscience and cognitive-based learning to overcome learning challenges.

Meet Cheri

Recovering Dysgraphic

Occupational Therapist

The world-renowned expert in empowering innovative, collaborative interventions, Cheri passionately advocates for overcoming learning challenges. Her cutting-edge neuroscience-based interventions included in The IMPACT Success Blueprint are unparalleled in their ability to conquer dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia, and lead to exceptional outcomes. Trust Cheri to empower you to overcome learning obstacles associated with Specific Learning Disabilities and unleash your students’ superpowers! She is the author of Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect, a contributor to the Handbook of visual-motor skills, Handwriting, and Spelling and Becoming You, and co-author of Math DYS-connected (more info coming later this year). She and her husband of 32 years live in Pennsylvania with their adult son and cat, Mercury. Their daughter is in grad school. Look for Mercury on social media advocating for reading, writing, and math.

Cheri is a…

… Speaker


Keynote presentations are designed to provide an overview of dysgraphia and discuss interventions to support it.


These all day events contain the definition, evaluation, intervention, and outcome measures to support dysgraphia.

Breakout Session

The sessions introduce targeted daily interventions to benefit all students.

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… Author

Ranked in Amazon’s top 100 for Handwriting Reference and Learning Disability, Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect helps child development professionals better understand their students who struggle with handwriting.

This groundbreaking book helps them understand how many students suffer daily because they struggle with handwriting.

From Response to Intervention to the Individualized Education Program, this book provides strategies readers can use at a moment’s notice.

Your book is one of the most used resources in my school based practice.


Occupational Therapist

Routledge International Handbook of Visual-motor skills, handwriting, and Spelling
The Routledge International Handbook of Visual-motor skills, Handwriting, and Spelling explores the potentially controversial field of early literacy education. It aims to offer scholars and practitioners an analysis of how and why handwriting skills benefit early literacy learning, especially spelling acquisition, and how this can enrich experiences for children and educators.

… Podcast Host

Tune in to The Writing Glitch to hear experts worldwide share how to engage kids in learning. Learn from clinical psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, and teachers. 

Interviews are released twice per month.

**Check out August 2023 for a special back-to-school series called the Emotional Kids Summit. We released an episode every M-F that month focusing on how emotion IMPACTs kids’ ability to learn.

If you are looking for interventions that IMPACT kids’ learning, check out The Writing Glitch Pocket Cast, where Cheri, your host, drops an idea to enhance your Learning Toolbox.


… Course Creator

Get your Dysgraphia Certification

Take the Introductory Webinar

Participate in the Introduction to Dysgraphia Webinar.


Take Courses

There are six steps to becoming Dysgraphia Certified.


Get Certified

Complete all six steps. You also get a badge for your LinkedIn profile.

Step 1.

Introductory Webinar

The IMPACT Formula: How to conquer writing challenges before picking up a pencil is a FREE resource. You do have the option to donate books to a local library of your choosing. Type $00 if you are not interested in making a donation.

What to expect during the webinar:

Dysgraphia Awareness, Interventions, and Outcomes that support ALL students with and without a learning disability.

Check out the next available date here.

Step 2.


After completing the IMPACT Formula Webinar above, you can dive deeper into dysgraphia awareness. In the course Dotterer Dysgraphia Method. By completing this course, you will decode and encode writing skills and challenges using sensory-motor processing as your foundation. The PA Department of Education approves the course.

Step 3.


Call to learn more about the requirements

If I need help, Cheri is always accessible. That is what makes her unique and appreciated.


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I found that your course made it easier to explain dysgraphia to others.


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