What do you have in common with Kelly Ripa and Mel Robbins?

If your student/child has illegible handwriting or has difficulty typing their schoolwork, ​ They may have a disability in written expression, called dysgraphia.

Reading ability does not always correlate with writing ability. Some students with dysgraphia read way above grade level.

Before they begin resenting school, learn more about dysgraphia with Dotterer Dysgraphia Webinar.

Encourage your students to:

Raise their Scepter (pencil)

Open their minds

Let Greatness in

Understanding dysgraphia is essential to student success​!

Seats will go fast. There are only 10 seats available each session.

Attendees will recieve 1.5 contact hours

Transcend your perspectives about dysgraphia to​​:

  • Unleash success for struggling writers
  • Strengthen their social-emotional well-being
  • Rally classroom engagement

What is Dysgraphia?

dys = difficult   

graph = to write   

ia = condition

Dysgraphia is a developmental delay in the ability to write.

33% of students who are learning how to form letters have difficulty.

Up to 65% of people graduating from high school have problems designing legible paragraphs at a rate like their peers.

Symptoms include:

  • Difficulty recognizing letters, numbers, and shapes
  • Hand pain
  • Difficulty recalling spelling
  • Difficulty creating proper sentence structure
  • Difficulty designing creative paragraphs

​Jumpstart your understanding today!

Discover how Kathy’s experience can help you transcend your perspectives about dysgraphia

My client Kathy was listening as Beth speak about her son John.

Beth talked about hand pain, spelling issues, and difficulty writing sentences.

He refused to do homework and often crumbled his worksheets in frustration. 

He was expelled from another school. (He is 10 years old.)

This meeting was Beth’s last hope at having her child educated.

You will learn how Kathy…

  • Transcended her perspectives about dysgraphia
  • Unleashed potential in this student
  • Strengthened his social-emotional well-being
  • Rallied him to engage more in the classroom


Are you a frazzled and frustrated…

  • School Administrator?
  • Regular Education Teacher?
  • Learning Support Teacher?
  • Occupational Therapist?
  • Speech Therapist?
  • Dyslexia Tutor/Therapist?
  • Parent?
  • Person whose life is changed by dysgraphia?
This is the webinar for you!


Invest just one and a half hours (1.5 hours) of your time​, and you’ll get to discover how the CROWN framework helps educators, therapists, and parents set students up to transcend this phenomenon throughout their school years

You’ll take away intervention strategies that you can use immediately for the whole classroom, small group, and 1:1 interventions.

This workshop-style webinar is interactive.​ It includes small group discussions.


Mondays 8:30 pm ET

Tuesdays 3:30 pm ET

Saturdays 8:00 am ET

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The interactive webinar is broadcast via Zoom – LIVE. 

The event is recorded.

CEUs can only be provided to persons attending live.

Video cameras are required if you wish to receive CEUs.

How many?

Seats are intentionally limited to 10 attendees.

Each webinar provides an intimate, private, interactive small group.

Why is the CROWN framework unique?

  • It is the first program to include differentiated kinesthetic movements to support spelling
  • It clarifies misconceptions about dysgraphia
  • Delineates dysgraphia from possible comorbid diagnoses
  • It is based on dysgraphia, Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect, that utilizes a sensory-motor development approach to intervention

Information processing is an individual’s ability to learn and retain new information; that is, decode, interpret, and respond with efficiently coded and written words.

Cheri Dotterer, Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect

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