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Battling writing challenges firsthand, Cheri has emerged as a global authority, pioneering innovative, neuroscience-backed strategies to overcome dysgraphia seamlessly within the classroom setting. Author of “Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect” and contributor to seminal works, she’s set to release “Math DYS-connected,” co-authored with Jonily Zupancic in 2024. She owns Dotterer Educational Consulting and The Writing Glitch Podcast. Living with her husband and son, Cheri’s experiences fuel her passion to revolutionize learning. They also have a daughter in grad school.

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Math DYSconnected

applies proven, brain-based instructional delivery techniques to support students identified as gifted or with a learning disability and any student in between. Leveling the mathematical playing field through multi-sensory interventions creates opportunities to scale learning for any kindergarten through twelfth-grade student. These academic and functional tasks build neurological visual-perception, motor, and memory skills to enhance student engagement and focus in the classroom.

Empower, engage, and excel student success with the lessons in this book supplementing your current academic or functional curriculum resources.

Enter the world of mathematics and occupational therapy to impact student career and college readiness.

Master neuroscience-based techniques to elevate student learning skills

Elevate student outcomes with collaborative, multi-disciplinary instruction

Cultivate student autonomy and self-regulation for success beyond the classroom

to discover leadership capacities you never knew you had in the classroom.

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Topics: Dysgraphia and dyscalculia

  • Taking the MASK off dysgraphia
  • IMPACT2LEAD in a cognitive-rich classroom

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 Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect.

University Textbook: Handbook of Visual-motor skills, Handwriting, and Spelling

My story: Becoming You

Coming Winter 2024: Math DYSconnected

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