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Why this really matters…

Cheri worked hard to achieve every grade throughout her schooling. Writing wasn’t easy for her. Spelling was difficult. She has dysgraphia.

With hard work and determination, Cheri achieved her Master’s degree in occupational therapy in 2009. Her heart was sensitive to that child that “didn’t qualify” for therapist services. Their standardized scores on a test put them in a category that didn’t provide support. Her empathy grew out of her struggles in school.

Having two children, gifted yet struggling with writing disabilities, Cheri’s aha moment came when she noticed many students read above grade level and excel in math.  However, their writing skills are minimal.

Confusion surrounding dysgraphia is just not right. No child should have to struggle with a writing disability.  It can be overcome.

Rewrite the future of all children!

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Professional Connections


Cheri is an international dysgraphia consultant, author, and speaker who trains child development professionals to recognize invisible learning disabilities to help students overcome trauma and shame associated with their disability and rewrite their story through grace. She is the author of Amazon Bestseller’s book Handwriting Brain-Body DisConnect is an occupational therapist for 25 years with a private practice in Pennsylvania. She is a graduate of Alvernia and Misericordia Universities and has been an adjunct and guest lecturer. Cheri and her husband of 30 years have two adult children.

She encourages you to embark on a journey to rewrite the story of today’s children.  Look into their future today through research, professional and personal development.

Rewrite the future of learning to hand write!


Continuing Education

Wilson Introductory Course

Alvernia University

MS Occupational Therapy

College Misericordia

(now Misericordia University)

BS Occupational Therapy

Alvernia University

BS Biochemistry

Previous Teaching Experience

University Adjunct Faculty

Pennsylvania State University

Alvernia University

Misericordia University

Substitute Teacher: Hamburg, Tulpehocken, and Fleetwood School Districts


School Guest Lecturer

Pennsylvania State University

Temple University

Salus University

Berks Technical Institute

Other Locations

Solas Unitas, Istanbul, Turkey

Berks County Autism Society

National Special Education Advocacy Institute

Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association

Chester County Right to Education Task Force

Hamburg Area Middle School

Pennsylvania Education for All Coalition

Hamburg Rotary

Multiple libraries


Personal Growth Certifications

Affiliate Programs