Discover whether  you or your student(s) have handwriting problems that may indicate dysgraphia

This questionnaire is a screening tool to help you better understand your student.

It is NOT a standardized assessment. It will help develop interventions to improve handwriting and writing problems so that your student can access their education.

Once you have submitted the questionnaire, schedule a call with one of our team members.  They will review your results and guide you to your next best step.


How to submit the questionnaire


Dictate and copy sentence as instructed


Answer the questionnaire

Schedule a call

Dictate and copy this sentence.

Follow the instructions below.

It is a pangram, 26-letter sentence.

We promptly judged antique ivory buckles for the next prize.


Dictate this sentence.

DO NOT allow your student to see the sentence.

Ask your student to write this sentence on the paper they typically use in the classroom. We prefer lined paper, but that is not necessary.

Dictate one word at a time.  Do not break up words by syllables.



Copy the sentence.

Time this step in seconds.

Allow the student to see the paragraph. Ask them to copy it. Time them from the moment they begin writing until they put the period on the paper.

Add comments to the work sample describing their behaviors while copying.



Scan the work sample.

You will be asked to upload the sample in the form. Do Not include any information identifying the student on the work sample.

Complete the Dysgraphia Questionniare

There is a section to upload the work sample inside the form.

The Google Form has five sections:

Section One: Basic demographics

Section Two: Yes/No/I don’t know questions

Section Three: Give your best answer

Section Four: Check all that apply

Section Five: Record the time that it took the child to copy the sentence on the website and upload your work sample. You will have the opportunity to add any other information.

Schedule a Call with one of our team members


Please schedule the call 48-72 hours after submitting the questionnaire. This allows a team member to thoroughly review the questionnaire and have ample time to formulate recommendations.