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You will receive a separate email from me with the date for your interview that we discussed during your pre-approval interview.

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Summit Questions

Here are some questions that we can discuss.

1.  How do you help kids in your business?

2. Share an example of a child you have seen amid an outburst. What was done to support them?

3. We are heading back to school shortly. Share one great intervention for teachers, therapists, and parents.

4. Is there anything that you’d like to share?

5. I am allowing speakers to share one complimentary giveaway. What do you have available for teachers, therapists, and parents?

6. Do you offer anything for the students?

BONUS Content:

I’d love to dig into ______ a bit further.

Let’s keep talking about extra stuff which will be based on the questions above for the Comparison Course portion of the Summit.

One more thing

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Paid product: Any product of at least $100 value you are willing to offer the audience.

A link for your product will be included in a Companion Course with lifetime access.

The podcast interview will be available on The Writing Glitch website.

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