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Math Teachers and Occupational Therapists

Reimaging math challenges and how they impact writing.

Out with Old Math and New Math 

Discover The Third Way – SMART™ Math!

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A premiere virtual experience for teachers determined to improve their classrooms.

How different would your classroom look if…

You could implement math interventions every school day to effectively prepare kids before they fail?

During this challenge, you’ll discover effective instructional interventions that are

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…and support ALL K-12 students!

Build clarity about math interventions that benefit all students through daily reference tasks that support ALL math standards while targeting appropriate proprioceptive, vestibular, and kinesthetic functional components of brain-based learning.

Effortlessly implement all the math standards with one task alongside occupational therapists to support students’ math and writing challenges.

This 5-Day Math Challenge supports students who

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Are average students

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Have a learning disability

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Need emotional support

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Are gifted

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Have a twice exceptionality

And, it can be adapted for students with physical disabilities because it supports their Social-Emotional Learning and Well-Being.

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And in a minute, we will share why…

But before we do, we must warn you.

What we are about to share isn’t for everyone.

In fact, to date, we have only shared how to connect the puzzle about math with a small, select group of determined teachers and occupational therapists.

The truth is…

Most teachers and therapists are burnt out and exhausted!

Perhaps you’ve even found yourself in the same position.

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You want to make a shift in your classroom but feel like you keep running into roadblocks.

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You had a couple of scattered professional development classes on dyscalculia and dysgraphia, but you really don’t understand the disabilities.

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You wish there were an easier way to get faster results for your students that permanently unleash their true potential.

You could be a part of the group…

There’s a group taking advantage of this dyscalculia and dysgraphia professional development that allows them to:

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Assess all students for math and writing challenges

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Implement all math standards, regardless of grade, with one reference task

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Leverage student progress quickly and easily


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You know how to spontaneously support your students. You avoid the “wait and fail” model in education.

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Your classroom is filled with students eager to learn.

Have you put in blood, sweat, and tears to earn a degree in education only to have your dream shattered by feelings of incompetence?

We want you to know it is not your fault, and you are not alone!

You were never taught developmental neurology as a teacher or how to teach math as an occupational therapist.

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In case you don’t know us…

Cheri Dotterer

I'm Jonily Zupancic

Jonily is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, SMART™ Coach, and Mathineer Maker who helps educators and leaders identify their focus, improve their thinking and inspire stakeholders so they can become unhackable, produce results and lead the next generation into an amazing future.

Jonily is the founder of Minds On Math, the lead facilitator of the Instructional Coaching Network, and the creator of SMART™ Operating Systems. Her work has reimaged the mindsets of adults and kids based on cognitive science and brain-based learning.

By disrupting polarization…there is always a Third Way, a SMART™ Way.

I'm Cheri Dotterer

I’m the 2022 Dysgraphia Expert of the Year.

This honor was awarded to me by Global Health and Pharma Magazine.

It took challenges at home and on the job to wake me up to the impact dysgraphia has on all students. I was mistaken that only students with learning disabilities could have dysgraphia.

My thoughts shifted when a parent asked me why her child could read and have trouble writing, and my gifted daughter came to me and asked for help with spelling.

That’s what triggered my research. My research has become the drive that gets me out of bed in the morning.

I’m driven to share what I have learned with you.

Together, we can impact the lives of 110 million children with writing challenges by 2025.

Cheri Dotterer

There is a way to help all students, not just those with a “learning disability.”

It’s a big shock when you discover how pervasive math and writing difficulties are, and how little people know about how to help–even math teachers and OTs.

Cheri here. I used to think I was the only OT who struggled with understanding dysgraphia.

It turns out many have questions.

Jonily here. I have studied brain-based interventions for years but had no idea how in-depth each intervention impacted a child’s future.

Teachers are the first line of defense in helping these students!

Occupational, physical, and speech therapists are not trained to teach. Teachers are.

Occupational, speech, and physical therapists are trained in neuroscience. Teachers are not.

First, we need to connect the math and writing challenges.

Then, we need to work together to change the narrative in our schools.

Show your school district how much you genuinely care about all of your students.

Join this 5-Day Math Challenge to learn how to Connect the puzzle between math and writing and transform your classroom!

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What people are saying about us…

Fabulous workshop, Cheri!
Learning about the brain and all of the complex components that combine to enable a child to learn is fascinating. The more we understand, the better equipped we are to help children reach their full potential.


Dyslexia Tutor

Jonily’s Minds On Math instructional model transforms teaching. It puts the thinking back on the students in an engaging and non-threatening way. It also increases curiosity and exploration. As I implemented these strategies, students had a higher level of engagement and were excited to explore further.


Instructional Coach

My work with Jonily has made me a stronger math teacher. By using her strategies I was able to get my students really thinking through challenging content. I was amazed by all of my students’ math thinking, especially my strugglers.


Grade 4 Math and Science Teacher

I was thoroughly intrigued by Cheri’s research and connections because what she shared about dysgraphia described many of my students. I thought that dysgraphia was only related to difficulties with motor control, but I now learned that it encompasses so much more.


Dyslexia Teacher

The Math DYS-Connected: Connect the puzzle is a virtual event.
Spend five days with Jonily and Cheri, and they will teach you how to:


dyscalculia and dysgraphia


number sense


visual-spatial relationships and mathematics


rich math experiences

How to...

maximize student potential

Now look, we get it…

You are tired.

You already have too much to do and implement on a daily basis, and there are a whole lot of moving parts in dealing with dyscalculia and dysgraphia.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just download this information, and it would magically upload into your daily practice?

On the bright side, you don’t need to.

You don’t have to figure out everything at once or overhaul your whole daily routine to increase success for your students.

Every journey is made up of many individual steps, starting with the first one.

I’ll show you one easy-to-implement change…that leads to another.

Every change impacts your students. So does every lack of change.

Will you keep turning the wrong puzzle pieces where repeated failures destroy not only their self-confidence but also your own?

Or will you easily add puzzle pieces towards smiles and math rich experiences that transcend a lifetime?

Really, will it change their whole lives?

…at school
…at home
…in the community?

For us, learning how to best support all students through explicit, systematic, cumulative, and multisensory interventions has unleashed potential in our students that we would never have believed.

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5-Day Challenge Main Session

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5 days of rich math interventions

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5-Day Math DYS-Connected: Connecting the Puzzle Challenge Workbook

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Daily homework to help you take massive action and keep you accountable

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All trainings are recorded for you to re-watch so you don’t miss anything

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Need Contact Hours?

Main Session PLUS 5 Contact Hours — $47

  • MAIN Session: 5-Day Math DYS-Connected: Connecting the Puzzle Challenge
  • 5 Contact Hours toward your Continuing Education

For an even more robust experience…

VIP Experience: Main Session PLUS 10 Contact Hours PLUS Bonuses —$97

  • MAIN Session: 5-Day Math DYS-Connected: Connecting the Puzzle Challenge
  • Answer Key: 5-Day Math DYS-Connected: Connecting the Puzzle Challenge Workbook
  • 10 Contact Hours toward your Continuing Education
  • VIP Access: Q&A Session after every night of the challenge
  • Additional Bonuses
$97 star burst

Here’s the day-to-day breakdown…

Day 1 Monday 7:30 PM ET

Before you can accomplish anything worth achieving, you first need to see it in your mind.

Today, we’ll show you exactly how to DEFINE dyscalculia and dysgraphia to help take your classroom to the next level!

Day 2 Tuesday 7:30 PM ET

Executing any task or project is key, especially when creating future leaders.

Today we’ll CLARIFY what number sense is and is not because every classroom teacher needs to be aware of them.

Day 3 — Wednesday 7:30 PM ET

It’s so easy to get distracted by administrative demands and classroom chaos.

Today, we’ll help you CONNECT visual-spatial relationships to math struggles and successes.

Day 4 — Thursday 7:30 PM ET

Begin with the end in mind. Your students will meet benchmark math skills!

Today, we will CREATE math-rich experiences to engage, motivate, and connect students to complex yet accessible content.

Day 5 — Friday 7:30 PM ET

Still not sure how to apply what you’ve learned this week?

Today, we will share some additional HOW TOs and add a case study.  

Warning: This Challenge is Not for Everyone

It takes work to keep growing as an excellent math teacher or occupational therapist!

Our adult learners tell us that they also require frequent interactions with us to implement these math interventions effectively.

That’s why only determined teachers and therapists are on board.

We understand if you don’t have time to make even simple changes right now, with expectations constantly being raised.

But…in less than the time it took you to read this webpage, I bet you could rewrite your lesson plan for tomorrow to include the simple changes you’ll learn in this challenge.

Unless you are willing to commit to trying something new…

Then the time you’ve spent searching for help, and participating in this challenge, are a waste of your time.

But if you are a serious player, someone who’s looking to achieve the “next level” classroom this challenge will be the one you wish you had learned about last year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the 5-Day Math DYS-Connected Challenge for?

This challenge is for K-12 teachers and school-based occupational therapists looking to transform their classrooms from chaos to engagement. These interventions will transcend math concepts across the lifespan.

I am a learning support teacher, physical or speech therapist, or dyslexia specialist. Is this challenge for me?

Absolutely! These interventions can be expanded for increased focus for students with true learning disabilities.

You will develop the tools necessary better support your teaching faculty.

What if I cannot complete the action steps during the challenge?

It would be best if you could accomplish each daily action each day because they all build on each other; however, it’s completely fine if you can’t! You’ll still be able to carry on through the challenge if you miss a day.

(However, Thursday is huge so I wouldn’t miss that one!)

Can I watch the live videos later if I miss them?

Yes! Every video will be available for one month after the Challenge.

How can I win the awesome contest prize?

Once you’ve experienced the 5-Day Math DYS-Connected: Connecting the Puzzle Challenge, all those who submit a testimonial video sharing their experience will be entered into a raffle.

Have other questions?

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