Lack of handwriting instruction is making its way to the college level. I shared a conversation that I had with a college professor recently. She indicated that students are unaware of how to write letters. I remember having to send various styles of letters when I was in middle and high school. Some were to pen pals. Other letters were to adults in the community. Each of these letters takes on a different style and appearance which is much different that a note card to a friend.

The principles of letter writing have not changed as we move to a digital format. Formal letters should continue to have addresses, contact information, Dear Sirs, a body text, sincerely, and a signature.

Text messages, Snapchat, and emojis have greatly changed communication today. Icons replace words on many manufactured goods. How many devices do you own that use to represent power? In modern cars, everything from headlights to air conditioning is represented by an icon.

Does conversational letter writing have a similar impact? When was the last time that you write and email and included the person’s name before typing the body text?

Is this style of writing becoming outdated?

It should not be. It should be explicitly taught, just like explicit handwriting should be taught in younger grades.

Lack of writing skills is becoming the next pandemic. Change the regulations. Contact your legislators today.