Why talk to you over the past few posts about the hero’s journey and your story? Because this summer has challenged me about my story. Why am I here talking with you week after week about dysgraphia? What is the purpose behind my message?

I frequently talk about my coach, Kary Oberbrunner. Kary is a coach for authors, consultants, entrepreneurs, and speakers (ACES) and has written many personal and business growth books. I am in the last quarter of his annual mastermind, Fire Ring. I went into the mastermind with one objective, resolve my message inside and out.

Each of us has a hero. Around 2016, I began reading the story of Esther during a very dark time in my life. Having suicidal ideations, feeling like a failure, and being on the verge of divorce, Esther’s courage ignited an ember in my soul.

That ember, fueled by the teaching and training of Kary and his team of coaches, sparked me to join Fire Ring. Daphne V. Smith is my coach. As she joined my journey, I told her about Esther and my dream to link her story with my deepest desire to support teachers, therapists, and parents who have students with dysgraphia. It has been a challenge. Finally, I am ready to share with you a look inside that journey.

Why a crown?

I was challenged in June by a colleague on Clubhouse. Why a crown? It got me thinking that maybe you don’t know why my logo is a crown either.

Esther was a slave in Ancient Persia who became queen of the region. Unfortunately, the Bible only reveals the highlights of the story. Nevertheless, I believe that she was an innovative teacher and scholar. Her uncle, Mordecai taught her the intricacies of reading, writing, and running a business. In turn, she instructed the young children around the city. The culture of the time discounted the disabled, but I believe that Esther tutored all children regardless of their disability. 

Esther became queen through circumstances that could only be designed by our infinite Creator. After achieving this milestone, she did not leave her skills and talents behind. She shared them and found favor with everyone she met.

Relating Esther’s crown to today’s education?

Making connections from Esther to today was challenging. Soon, I will share the Dysgraphia CROWN Framework.